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The easy to use parking app of flowbird

Park and use Flowbird!

Grab your phone! You just need to open the easy and fast to use Flowbird parking app. Through the map you can see if you can park in your location. You need to log in the first time via Facebook or a self-made username and password. The app will remember your details for the next time.

What are the benifits of the flowbird parking app?

We integrated Parking availability in our flowbird parking app. With this new functionality you can find a parking space faster. Parking availability displays streets on the map where you can most likely park your car.

We offer via our parking app smart expiry time notifications. The Flowbird parking app can send an alert directly to your phone. A reminder for the end time of your parking stay.

One of many benefits of the parking app is the possibility to extend your parking time. Simply select extension and add the desired parking time.

Explore more benefits of the parking app!

Is the flowbird parking app not yet available in your location? Contact our customer service for more information!



Flowbird parking app

1. Find a location

The parking app will find your location by GPS. Select the droplet closest to your car and one click to start the session! You can also select a zone from the list or choose one of your favorite zones.

2. Pick a duration

Select the amount of time needed for your stay. Receive a parking notification before your time expires! You want to stay longer than expected or running late? Extend the parking time to avoid parking tickets! Forgot to pay for parking? Pay from anywhere!

3. Make your payment!

Confirm your parking payment and receive a confirmation. You will find the running ticket in your ticket overview in the app. Your parking session will be moved to ‘parking history’. You can find an overview of all parking activities and costs here. All Flowbirds payments are electronically transmitted to parking enforcement staff.


Get Flowbird for iOS or Android

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