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Parking is easier, safer
and faster with flowbird

Join our mobile parking community for free and experience the advantages of flowbird.

Avoid parking fines

Forgot to start a parking session? No stress! Pay from anywhere and avoid parking tickets.

Cashless Payment System

No change? No problem!  Our digital solution allows you to select a secure payment method of your choice.

Time Saving

No need for queues, grab your phone and start a new session from anywhere.

Save money

Ending your session earlier than expected? Only pay for the time you are parked.

Parking availability

Discover parking spaces faster with our availability function.

Expiry notifications

Receive reminders straight to your device when your parking duration is close to expiring.

Remote ticket extension

Need to park longer than planned? Extend your ticket from anyway and avoid a trip back to the car.

Fast and secure payment

Add secured payment methods to your account for quick and easy transactions.


Get flowbird for iOS or Android

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